ever tried to fit a headset like this with a flipflop and a park bench?
then you'll need one of these

toby from fallon bicycles is going to give one lucky rider a park tools headset press, to be in with a chance of winning this you'll have to be there on friday afternoon as toby has something a little special lined up
if you find yourself in the netherlands and you're near schiphol airport then you're near toby's shop so get in there


phaty said...

Well on this picture you see why us Germans build the best machines in the world ... Okay with Phil Tonkin holding the frame. Using the Fallon tool on the other side doesn't bring you any internet fame ... so we stick with the adidas flip-flop!

the knights of niche said...

you guys are soooo niche

Nightfire said...

Except that isn't me ;-)

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