the castle is getting full

independent fabrication
theres one or two of these fine bikes kicking around within the nights of niche we like these bikes a lot
whether you are after a steel or ti mountian road or cx these guys will sort you out with a full custom bike that will ride like nothing else
the uk contact for independent fabrication are sideways cycles

these guys know how to make good looking products that work their pumps are something to behold
they have been kind enough to send us some tools and pumps to share out amongst you

dinosaur bikes
dinosaur bikes are the 650B experts this side of the atlantic they have sent over some wheel parts for us to demo they are also the uk distributor for esi grips we have a pair to give away too

endura are a great clothing company based in the uk they make some of the best water proof clothing available which is kinda handy here
they are also now making some lovely merino goods we have some socks and gloves for you

kent eriksen

if you need a custom made ti mountainbike then there is no finer frame builder around than kent eriksen you need to check out their website for details
we are only asking people to sponsor the event that we ourselves use, we certainly wouldn't want to shout about anything that we haven't had first hand dealing with

Another busy week here at the Ministry of Niche!

jungle products

jungle products are the uk distributor for niner fifteen g and chub they have been good enough to send us some real nice prizes
we have a chub rear hub
we have 5 yawyd stem top caps
we have a fifteenG singlespeed chainset and bb
and to top things off we have a pair of niner carbon rigid forks
you'll be able to thank these guys in person as they will be playing in the woods with us


If you need some mail order SS or 29er parts then singlespeed central is the place for you
jelle has sent us some white industry eno hubs to give away as above you'll be able to thank him personally as he is heading over from the netherlands to come play in the woods

mmmmmm flapjac

dropoff cafe
if you're planning a trip to wales you need yes need to visit this place
the cafe is situated in glyncorrwg ponds (most people call it afan) the trails there are fantastic they are also ss friendly
the food is outstanding portions are huge and the coffee isn't bad either!
ian from the dropoff has promised to make enough of the worlds finest* flapjac to feed everyone who is going to ride the event! that a lot of flapjac, cheers luffy

*in our opinion

this is a singlespeed rider

check out this rider its patrice joubrel from france
patrice sent us his photo on his entry, it made us laugh so thought we'd share it


my favourite shop to visit period
Tim has pledged some lovely blingy bits to adorn your bike with
if you're into your really nice bikes or accessories then this is mecca for you so get yourself over there now
sideways will also post stuff out to you too so give them a bell if J16 on the M6 is too far for you

Fancy a new frame?

if you've never heard of on one then you're not a real mountain biker ;-) these frames offer outstanding value for money and they perform pretty well too
we've just taken delivery of the frame pictured below now all we have to do is find someone who wants it that shouldn't be too hard

Got a 29er? Want some tyres for it?

these guys make tyres of all sizes, 26, 29 and even 650B, the nice people there have sent a big box full of tyres for you.
we like their tyres so we wanted to give you guys a chance to try them out too so if you're lucky you'll win some



this bunch of singlespeeders from the midlands are sending us some nice singlespeed clothing to give away, keep your eyes peeled these guys are organising an event later in the year too sounds like fun

nitto bars

hub jub
if you're into all things fixed then there's one place you need to go, hubjub
Will's sure to sort you out with all your fixed needs he's sent us a lovely pair of nitto handlebars in ano red to give away to one lucky rider

photo competition

tftuned service and tune forks if you weren't aware we use them to service our forks and think they offer a great service
they are revamping the tftuned website so are looking for some nice photographs
we have two vouchers for a fork service and tune to the best photo for each of the two categories below
Best photo representing singlespeeding
Best photo representing the need for suspension

all you have to do to win one of the vouches is to upload your photo to our flickr group photos must be taken during the SSEC 2010 weekend and will be judged on the weekend of 24th April
the winner will be announced on here and on the flickr group


all of our sponsors have been individually invited to join us because we use their products
we use charge saddles because they are good value for money and very comfortable we have received 2 very big boxes full of saddles from Charge, WTB and some WTB tyres.
a big thanks to hot wheels the UK distributor for Charge.

the postman has been busy here in castle niche

we've had a shed load of schwag arriving here all week


These guys make some cracking and funky products we've got a few led lights to give away along with tee shirts and stickers

big thanks to knog Australia for this haul

fod trail

a nice peice of trail in the forest of dean we may take you on it, on the other hand we maynot