whos making the ssec2010 possible?

lets start with the non bikey stuff

freeminer brewery
mighty fine beer brewed in the forest of dean and supplied straight from the brewery to the event.
caroline disposables
they are giving us loads of bio-degradable drinking vessles to drink beer from for free! so if you forget to place your used cup into a bin it won't litter the lovely forest for long.
rock lobster jewellery
now this is a rather special prize we are having 2 custom headbadges made they will resemble our fantastic logo one will go to the european ss champ lady and the other to the european ss champ man both headbadges will be made from silver and both will be wearing crowns.
non crowned versions will be for sale TBA

over farm market
These guys sell the finest produce around. Most people will drive past here on the way to the event so if you need some nice cheese, this is the place. Over Farm also sell some mighty fine locally grown produce too as well as a local butcher on site!

More information very soon


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