friday night cheese party news

our friends at rollapaluza are heading to the forest of dean with all their equipment so if you're all racey and fancy a shot at the SSEC title you'll have to stop eating cheese for a few minutes and set a qualifing time on the rollers in order to qualify for special start line for saturdays 'ride'.
once the qualifiers are done everyone else will then be able to battle it out for fun and maybe a prize!


GenghisKhan said...

With all the single speed "championships" floating around our glorious green globe, it might seem time to hold an Uber-Championship, eh? ;o)

Though, if all y'all will serve up some cheese, I might just have to jump across the pond for this!

Is the SSEC road or off-road?

knights of niche said...

Off Road 100% Cheese will be served but entry to the cheese party will be some errrrrrrrrr cheese ;-)

GenghisKhan said...

Off road and cheese, mmmm, I loves me some good cheese! Time to break out the swim floats, I s'pose, but don't hold up the festivities on my account! ;o)

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