The Knights of Niche announce SSEC2010 April 16-19th 2010:

The 2010 SSEC will be held in a secret* location within the Forest of Dean England. Itinerary will be loosely based on the following...

Friday PM, arrive, go for a guided ride for a few hours.
Friday Evening bring cheese and try for the worlds biggest cheese board, drink a few beers and party hard, there'll be advantages on the start line to those that party. (No cheese No entry)

Saturday AM recover, find bike, ride to a top secret location for a competitive ride (Anyone heard mentioning the word race will be thrown out or beaten)
Saturday PM Ride fast but not too fast.
Saturday PM/Eve Prize giving and party including live band.

Sunday Guided rides into the Forest of Dean with pub stops.
Sunday night chill out

Monday GO HOME

Entry fee will include 3 nights camping, entry into the rides, Saturday night party and food on the Saturday night.


*Details will be announced when a successful entry is gained.


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